Liposomal vitamin C 400mg

Dietary supplement 400mg 90 capsules

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What is Liposomal Vitamin C ?

Liposomal vitamin C is a precise form of vitamin C:

It is encapsulated in microdroplets, liposomes to be better assimilated by the cells of the body and to increase its action and benefits .

Breastmilk contains liposomes, which help protect nutrients and increase their effectiveness before passing them on to baby .

Liposomal vitamin C is also protected from deterioration by gastric juices. This will greatly increase ( more than 5 times ! ) the bioavailability and the level of vitamin C in the blood.

Liposomes are small molecules consisting of a hydrophilic polar head and a hydrophobic end that "encapsulate" an active molecule:

Here pure vitamin C is encapsulated in a phosphatidylcholine complex based on non-GMO sunflower lecithin.

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Liposomal Vitamin C 400mg - Of which vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 280mg (350% of RDA) - Of which complex phosphatidylcholine 120mg - Envelope 100% vegetable, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose - Non GMO
Powerful antioxidant - Essential for many biochemical processes of the body
Bottle of 90 capsules 400mg
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C'est un complément alimentaire qui vous booste en douceur. Cette forme de vit C me convient parfaitement. Tonus retrouvé et aucune gêne gastrique. Je la conseille vivement.

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