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What is liposomal vitamin C ?


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Liposomal vitamin C is a vitamin C that is protected inside a liposome, a lipid microparticle, a fat body. It is a method that uses equipment to create nanoscale molecules. The product obtained is totally natural and biocompatible, it is a mini vitamin C greasy.

It should be noted that breast milk contains liposomes, which help protect nutrients and increase their effectiveness before passing them on to baby.

The liposomal technique makes fat soluble vitamin C. This allows liposomal vitamin C to be easily absorbed by the intestine and also to pass through cell walls that are made of fat. Liposomes cross cell membranes protecting vitamin C, thus transporting to the very heart of cells.

Vitamin C, called "classic" in supplement form or in food form, is a water-soluble. However, only 10 to 20% of this water-soluble vitamin C is assimilated. Gastric juices from the stomach and intestines destroy most of the classic vitamin C.

To increase the level of cellular vitamin C, that is to say inside the cells of the body, the liposomal form is a true "revolution" .

The Liposome Advantage

Since the liposome is fat, it is fat-soluble, which means that it mixes with fat. This has a lot of benefits:

Intestinal assimilation

Liposomal vitamin C is better absorbed by the intestinal wall. The intestinal wall allows easier passage of vitamin C encapsulated inside a fat body. The level of vitamin C increases in the blood. Scientific studies 1, 2 found that there is 2 times more vitamin C in the blood with the liposomal form, compared to classic vitamin C Since it has a better bioavailability, liposomal vitamin C provides a very important tolerance: no digestive problems, no acidity, even with high doses.

Cellular assimilation

The cell membrane is composed of phosholipids (fat), the liposomes that are in the blood pass through the cell walls, with vitamin C at the very heart of the cells (especially the cells that need vitamin C the most: immune cells, brain, adrenal). While for traditional vitamin C powder or soluble tablets in water, much is eliminated through the urine. For liposomal vitamin C, it is much better assimilated, the kidneys treat a small amount of vitamin C: liposomal vitamin C does not tire the kidneys.

Progressive Release

Liposomal vitamin C diffuses gradually thanks to liposomes. Over time, the blood levels of vitamin C remain at high levels 1, 2. Cell diffusion is continuous and progressive. With conventional vitamin C tablets, the kidneys eliminate vitamin C when the concentration in the blood exceeds a certain level: 50% of the dose is eliminated in 30 minutes. While liposomal vitamin C almost completely escapes urinary excretion, the microparticle fat can not be diluted in the blood plasma. An additional advantage of this progressive diffusion is that there is no "whiplash" that can be unpleasant with conventional vitamin C powder or tablets.

Brain diffusion

The liposomal form of vitamin C passes the brain's membrane. This technology is used in oncology: unlike conventional chemotherapy drugs, therapeutic products injected in liposomal form can act on the brain. In the same way, liposomal vitamin C can spread in the brain, which is of extraordinary interest considering the affinity of the brain for vitamin C.

Condition for Liposome Performance

In order to make the most of the benefits of liposomal vitamin C, the quality of the liposome is very important. The production method and quality monitoring guarantee the final result. Liposomal technology is expensive to produce and requires research and development.

A quality liposomal vitamin C is defined by the size of the liposomes, their encapsulation and their stability at temperature and time.

The nanoscale dimension of each liposome

The size of liposomes should be between 100 nm and 300 nm in order to ensure optimal absorption through the intestinal barrier and cell walls. But we have not found any scientific experiments to show that larger liposomes would be less well absorbed.


It is imperative that vitamin C is properly surrounded by the liposome. This depends on the manufacturing process used: it is necessary to have a device that projects at high pressure a mixture of vitamin C, phosphatidylcholine and purified water so that high quality liposomes can be formed. This requires complex equipment and hours of setup to create small, well-encapsulated liposomes.

The liposomal form is a delicate alchemy between different molecules to create a mixture where vitamin C is located in micro droplets of fat:

  • It is also necessary that the lecithin used is of high phosphatidylcholine purity.
  • It is imperative that purified water be used in a good proportion .

Liposome stability

The stability of liposomes will depend on the technology used. If liposomal vitamin C is well encapsulated, it will not fear oxygen, or body temperatures at 37 °.

Our liposomal vitamin C is guaranteed for 2 years of shelf life.

Find Quality Liposomal Vitamin C

The price of food supplements with liposomal technology depends on production techniques. This little guide will allow you to choose the best quality for the most competitive price. You will also learn to spot fake liposomes.

The price of our liposomal vitamin C is lowest in the market because we want to make this fabulous technology available at a very high concentration.

The Best Liposomal Vitamin C

We collected information comparing many available liposomal C vitamins.

We have kept the only quality of manufacture to offer you an affordable price.

Validity tests for a genuine liposomal vitamins C

The laboratory must demonstrate the size of its liposomes and their stability. They must give tests and reviews of their dietary supplements:

  • Liposome size and homogeneity tests: microscopy and / or DLS observation
  • Tests on the quality of encapsulation (the fact that vitamin C is in the liposome). It is necessary to carry out a saponification test at least, or more complicated examinations.
  • Liposome stability tests over time: by analyzing liposomes after 2 to 3 months.

Elements for a quality formula

The manufacturer

Liposomal technology requires a lot of initial investment and can not be improvised. The equipment and the adjustment time to create a quality food supplement are very expensive.

There are few manufacturers that can produce quality liposomes: small, well encapsulated and stable.

Manufacturers of liposomal vitamin C replicate the technology on other food supplements to make the investment profitable (and offer highly assimilable molecules).

References and scientific studies used in this article:

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