Olive Oil C60

Preparation of olive oil enriched in carbon 60

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  • 99.99% Fullerene C60 mono-molecule suspended in ultra-pure olive oil AOC Aix-en-Provence.
  • Two capacities are available, 3.38 oz (100ml) or 8.45 oz (250ml).
  • Take between a teaspoon and a tablespoon a day, or 0.17 oz to 0.5 oz per day, for a weight between 110 lb and 176 lb.
  • Preferably in the morning on an empty stomach, possibly accompanied by an apple.

Olive oil is the one chosen by the researchers for the study Baati / Fanchon in Paris in 2012.

The C60 is found in natural state in shungite stone, less than 5%, but also in the ashes and soot of a wood fire.
Our carbon 60 contains no trace of chemical pollutants or solvents such as benzene or toluene.

A little bit of history:

Harry Kroto, a specialist in organic chemistry at the University of Sussex, UK, is discovering a long carbon molecule in interstellar space.
With physicist colleagues Robert Curl and Richard Smalley, they vaporize graphite carbon nanotubes (graphene) at very high temperatures. They recreated the C60. It is a polygon with 60 vertices and 32 faces, 12 being pentagons and 20 hexagons, perfectly resembling a football or buckyball.
The researchers named the Buckminsterfullerene C60 or Buckminster fullerene in honor of Richard Buckminster Fuller, an American architect and inventor of the geodesic dome. This team of chemists will be awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996 for their discovery of fullerenes.


These compounds also have conductive and lubricating physical properties. They are used, for example, in photovoltaic solar cells.
Due to its molecular structure, carbon 60 is used in nanotechnology for its ability to go to the heart of cells through the cell membrane.
Recent scientific research in nanoscience has demonstrated its effectiveness against cancer cells or irradiation.

Anti-aging benefits:

The C60 is an undeniable anti-aging asset, as it can oppose the destruction of collagen fibers by free radicals.
A scientific study conducted with 23 people showed that taking C60 for eight weeks reduced the depth of wrinkles.
In another test, for four weeks, the skin increased its proportion of collagen and an optimization of its level of hydration.

Bones and joints:

A team of scientists has shown that carbon 60 is able to promote the development of chondrocytes.
It is these cells that guarantee the regeneration of cartilage, the tissue that covers the bony ends at the joints.
The carbon 60 can therefore fight against osteoarthritis.

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Olive Oil and C60 0.8 mg/ml
Powerful Antioxidant
Amber glass bottle to protect from UV radiation
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Oliveöl C60 250 ml(1)
Livraison rapide, flacon bien protégé. On voit tout de suite au goût que c'est une huile d'olive de qualité, légèrement piquante. Après environ 10 jours de prise quotidienne, les effets du c60 sont bien là. En vrac je peux citer une meilleure forme générale, j'ai l'impression que l'acuité visuelle est plus nette aussi. Je dors bien, mieux reposée le matin. Ce sont de petits changements, mais ils sont notables. C'est le seul en France et puis c'est quasiment 2 ou 3 fois moins cher qu'aux US !

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